This dashboard is currently undergoing maintenance. There are two known issues regarding the roll-up of country level data that originated on 7/10. Thank you for your understanding.
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About the COVID-19 World Dashboard

Data are retrieved each day from the Johns Hopkins University repository. New columns are added to the dataset to store daily confirmed cases and daily deaths, which are used to generate the New COVID-19 Cases per Day charts.

The daily charts are likenesses of Standard Celeration Charts, but they do not follow all of the accepted conventions associated with standard celeration charting. We use standard charts because they allow us to quickly see differences in rates of change across countries and states. Standard charts also help us see changes in slopes (turns), variability (bounce), and other phenomena.

Data and Support

The Chart People dashboard system uses an approach to the data that means you only load the dashboard data once per session. All interactions filter the data that have been temporarily stored in your browser. If you leave the site then return later, your browser will download the data again to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. We also make ongoing improvements to the dashboard files. Because of this, you might need to clear your browser's history and cache in order to see updates to the data or site. If you have any trouble seeing the new data, or you notice an issue with the data or charts, please contact us.